Customized E-learning Video Production

There is no doubt that videos now are a first-rate tool for an effective learning process. It’s more fun and engaging than reading. So we put efforts and executed these short customized videos very well to be as useful and inspiring as possible.

How does the E-Learning training process go?

1- Scripting

In this stage our SME best partners and professional instructional designers collaborate to put the base of the video and make sure they cover all points perfectly as:

  • Purpose and goal
  • Learning objectives
  • The benefits
  • Creating the outline and content
  • Writing the script

2- Pre-production

We have 2 primary responsibilities in this stage like:

  • Add post production notes
  • Set up/ test the equipment on the set

It takes a day or two to test the equipment and make sure that the shooting process is going to be flawless.

3- Shooting

shooting takes 1.5-2 days. After that we focus on editing, graphics, animation and background music. We also provide feedback on alpha and beta versions before making final edits and publishing the video.

4- Post-production

The final stage consists of:

  • Upload the video. And if you don’t have LMS we can host your course and supply you with alink. The feedback and assesment will be forwarded to a moderator within your organization.
  • Perform a QA check: we check our production against quality assurance testing checklist.
  • Course creating monitoring.