Virtual Training

Amongst the Coronavirus circumstances, we became highly aware of the urge of providing you with virtual training options. That’s why at Skills Bank, not only materials are customized, Training premises are customized too.

You can choose to get trained at our head office, or your premises, and you can go virtually for remote training requests. All the remote training requests have a special LD design to be highly interactive, beneficial, and convenient for all your participants.

How we make sure virtual training 100% efficient?

  • A training host is always there before the training to provide orientation for participants on how to use the online platform.
  • An assessment during the virtual training is always taking place to make sure participants are following up.
  • All materials are tailored to fit the virtual training environment.
  • Our virtual training is based on 100% interactive content. So, just like the classroom training programs, our trainees are helped to stay focused, enterianed, and getting the learning experience they used to.