Your First 90 Days as a Manager


Workshop Overview


Overview :

As long as there have been leaders, there have been leadership transitions.
The changes challenges these transitions impose on the new leader are as
old as human society. Those challenges have not gotten any easier. On the
contrary, the complexity of modern organizations and the speed at which
business gets conducted have seemingly added to it. This highly interactive
workshop is your roadmap for taking charge in your first 90 days in your new
position as a newly promoted manager. Why do you need it? Because
transitions are critical times when small differences in your actions can have
huge impacts on results.

The Learning Journey:

• Describe & develop new leadership competencies
• Conduct a personal SWOT assessment to expand on the strengths &
improve the weaknesses
• Follow a 90-days action plan overcome the promotion challenge
• Use the ADEPT Model to place people in the right roles & provide the
right support
• Define Decision-making styles & employ each style according to the