Data Analysis & Reporting Techniques Using Excel


Workshop Overview

• It  is  no  surprise  for  corporate  staff  to  be  staff  to  be overwhelmed by the abundance of instructed data.
• ERPs  and  database  have  evolved  to  a  point  where  they can house amazingly large amounts of data the  question  now  is,  what  do  you  do  with  this  data  to  add value .
• this  workshop  will  introduce  business  intelligence  (BI), hands  on,  to  allow  you  to  clean,  normalize,  interpret, analyze and report large volumes of data. you will be able to  establish  historical  relationships,  analyze  the  current situation and predict future strategies .

Learning Objectives :

• Design detailed reports from multiple sets of data through a variety of sources.

• Manipulate the data within your reports to suit your business needs.

• Extract data from your reports to use in different functions and formulas.

• Create an attractive chart and diagram for your business reports to help illustrate data

• Learn the concepts of gathering, cleaning and storage of data.

• Come up with multiple scenarios to resolve business problems within extracted data.

• Design a data model for your large data groups.

• Mine and uncover hidden information with DAX.

• Use Power Queries and practice shaping, blending and exploring files in Excel`s.   query editor , and create completely automated loading procedures inside of Excel.

• Use Power Pivot and DAX to explore and analyze our Excel data model


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