Logistics Operations


Workshop Overview

• Logistics Operations is an essential function governing the flow of goods
through a supply chain.
• This workshop brings you up to date with the latest logistics models and
practices. The workshop’s main focus is on the optimization of transport,
warehouse and inventory management activities


Learning Objectives : 

• Recognize modern supply chain and logistics trends as a basis for
sustainable performance
• Employ qualitative and quantitative material forecasting techniques for a
streamlined logistical operation
• Describe role of transportation in logistics and identify opportunities for
operational improvement
• Identify the role of warehousing, focusing on operational throughput and
performance optimization
• Recognize role of import and Export in logistics
• Describe information needed in custom Procedures and Documentations
• Apply performance measurements to manage strategic, operational and
tactical facets of logistics

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Full Schedule

Dates : 10 & 11 March