Setting KPI`s & Managing Performance


Workshop Overview

• This workshop addresses the three cornerstones of
excellent performance namely, the right set of Key
Performance Indicators (KPIs), the proper means of
tracking progress and the most effective methodologies
for intervention and feedback.

• By learning how to skillfully handle each of these tasks,
team leaders, supervisors or managers will be able to
directly and positively influence performance in their
units, sections, or departments.


Learning Objectives : 

• List the main criteria for measuring performance and use them to plan
and manage the performance of others
• Design reporting mechanisms which are critical for measuring progress
and use them to track performance and determine critical deviations
• Provide effective feedback as a means of dealing with individual
performance gaps and as a tool for effectively addressing all unfavorable
changes in performance
• Determine when to coach and when to counsel and then do so based on
a thorough understanding of performance gaps and their root causes

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