Retail Merchandising


Workshop Overview

• Visual merchandising today forms a critical element in
retailing. Your windows, store entrance and displays
need to be designed to engage with customers and
encourage them to enter store and purchase items.
• At the end of this program you will have the confidence
to design and implement impactful displays in y store.
Direct customers to where you want them to go in your
store. Keep customer browsing longer and encourage
them to try and buy multiple products.

Learning Objectives : 

• How to define your Brand, and design a store environment
that becomes a BrandExperience
• How to space plan a store that is efficient, engaging, and
easy to shop

• How to create Merchandising stories that encourages up-
selling and interest in groups of products

• How to find and select display fixtures that validate the
quality and value of the merchandise and assist in a
graceful customer/salesperson interaction
• How to create a Signage and Graphics program that
supports your brand, communicates offerings and policies,
and assists the customer in the shopping process
• How to make Color and Materials selections that support
your brand image, are durable and maintainable, and
support the presentation of your products


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