Public Speaking : Express to Impress (BY SPS)


Workshop Overview

◘ As young professional seeking excellence in your professional world, public
speaking is a vital skill to your success and your business as well. You won’t be
concerned anymore about how to overcome challenges in presenting yourself
and your ideas in different situations.
◘ Whether it’s a meeting with your managers and co-workers or communicating
with other departments and customers on behalf of your entity. And because
Such situations require a powerful set of skills to be able to express and
◘ In our program, we will help you gaining all these required skills which will
positively impact all other elements of your professional development journey
to establish yourself as a valuable member in your organization.
◘ You will gain more confidence in yourself by mastering your verbal and
nonverbal communication aspects, asking the right questions to understand
and validate the received information.
◘ You will be able to do more with less saving the most valuable asset “Time”. By
learning effective research techniques collecting as many relevant information
to your topic, how to analyze and organize your ideas to structure your speech
effectively matching your audience.


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Dates : 21,22 & 23 Dec 2022