Media Presence


Workshop Overview

The Media can work for you or against you in direct relation to your level of preparedness beside that audiences can be more skeptical of those at the top.

Media exposure requires leaders to positively convey messages both officially and in unscripted capacities.

Our Media training program offer you customized training sessions to enhance your ability as a leader to assert yourself while remaining likeable, deliver powerful and logical talking points while remaining concise, present yourself and your businesses with conviction while conveying empathy, and be flexible while remaining on-message and in control even in the most challenging media environment.

The program will help you build on your strengths – and troubleshoot where you are challenged to be fully prepared for expert interviews, corporate news delivery, and crisis communication. we aim to increase comfort and confidence while minimizing any kind of surprises.

Full Schedule

Dates : 14,16,18,21,23 & 25 August 2022