Crucial Conversations


Workshop Overview

• Many ‘defining’ moments in life come from having crucial conversations,
which we anticipate will be difficult and which we may feel ill-equipped to
handle. We may also occasionally be involved in amicable conversations that
suddenly turn sour. Having the knowledge and confidence to deal with these
situations can make all the difference between a relationship fortified and a
relationship lost, or a sale made, and a sale lost.
• This interactive workshop focuses on techniques on how to hold such
conversations in a positive space when surrounded by highly charged
emotions. It is designed to equip you with both the skillset and the confidence
you need to successfully manage crucial conversations and ensure that both
sides have the best chance of leaving the encounter feeling happy.


The Learning Journey:

 Define & detect a Crucial Conversation
 Assess your usual approach to stress
 Recognize the power of Dialogue
 Recognize personal dialogue patterns & change it into positive stories
 Use S.T.A.T.E & AAMP techniques to tell your story & learn the path of
 Handle disagreements effectively using the ABC Method
 Describe and practice methods to move from conversation to actions and

Full Schedule

Dates : 6 & 7 March