From Complexity To Simplicity by ( SPS )


Workshop Overview

Complexity is one of the biggest barriers to communication when it comes to communicate a complex technical message to non-technical audience, it is the curse of knowledge.

This journey begins with you, adapting a “You attitude” “audience centric approach” in communicating the complex information, which put the audience first when creating a message to be more accessible to them, the Program will help you adapting this approach.

The Program will introduce you to techniques and tools to avoid making assumptions of your audience and start thinking differently, from their perspective, analyze them to predict how are you going to tailor the appropriate simple message.

The Program will help you with a set of practical techniques to switch your mindset and your usual thinking pattern as a technical expert to be able to translate and chunk complex technical information into simple comprehensible language to bridge the gap between tech and non-tech stakeholders in your organization .

Learning Objectives

  • Change mindset and thinking habit from what I know and want to say to what does my audience want or need to hear
  • Analyze your audience to know the gap you need to fill in for them while introducing complex technical information.
  • Analyze your technical information to look for the core ideas, distill it down to its smallest parts to be more comprehensible to your audience to engage them easily and not to lose their attention.
  • Understand cognitive load theory to help you design and plan out communication in a way that appeals to your non-technical audience by Outlining the suitable simple information to present them in an easy-to-follow sequence.
  • Apply an easy-to-understand manner techniques while creating the message by making use of a relatable examples, metaphors, analogies, stories
  • Modify technical complex language of the speech into simple one to create a comprehensible speech.
  • Examine different key principles to help you present your numerical data in an interesting, clear, and engaging way.
  • Practice nonverbal communication tools “professional body language and voice techniques” in delivering your message to create invisible reliable relationship with your audience boosting your personal brand.

Full Schedule

Dates: 8,9,10,11 Jan