Design Thinking


Workshop Overview

Design thinking is a powerful process of problem solving, a journey that begins with having an empathic understanding of unmet customer needs. From that insight emerges a blend of Heart, Head and Hand process that is based on
vision, continuing on to development, applied creativity, prototyping then diving into experimentation, practical creation & testing. This highly interactive workshop is designed to help the participants learn a proven, systematic approach to new product development through a process that puts unmet customer needs at the center of the problem. It also helps them apply design thinking approaches to
business, so that the success rate for innovation can improve substantially.

The Learning Journey: 

• Use Design Thinking to solve problems more creatively
• Understand problems from the customers perspective
• Apply different brainstorming techniques to identify innovative ideas
• Use effective design research
• Understand the value of creating prototypes to test your ideas
• Keep your design ideas moving forward

Full Schedule

Dates : 10 & 11 March