Business Agility


Workshop Overview

The shortest and briefest definition of Agility is the inherent ability to respond to
change. But does that mean in Business World?
Can you think of a company that has gone bust? Nokia, Kodak? You’ve probably heard
of more examples, there are loads of them out there! Big names like these have failed
to cope with the rapid changes and therefore were doomed to fail.
Now, more than ever before, organizations need to reinvent themselves to cope with
the ever-changing nature of the workplace.
This highly interactive workshop is designed to raise the participants’ awareness of
Business Agility & it’s best practices. The learning process is based on real-world
business cases like McDonalds, Panadol, Mazda, Apple, Harley Davidson & more.
Participants will also acquire the knowledge & tools needed to create an action plan to
meet ambiguity with agility in order implement new approaches such as Business
Model Canvas & Blue Ocean Strategy that transforms an undesired situation into an


The Learning Journey:

• Recognize the importance of leading agile and resilient organizations during
turbulent times
• Make decisions in chaotic situations
• Use problem solving tools to provide effective solutions
• Identify ambiguity in business and adapt it to agility
• Lead and develop proactive mechanisms to withstand environmental
• Create compelling strategies to lead and drive agility and resilience
• Use Business Model Canvas & Blue Ocean Strategy to create value
• Demonstrate agile leadership skills in the modern world