Business Etiquette for premium Customers


Workshop Overview

Overview : 

We support all your front liners dealing in the proper business etiquette and
matching your premium customer's needs by introducing to them how to
leave a lasting good first impression, how to communicate professionally
with customers and delivering the proper needed ques, and diving into the
phycology of premium customers to better understand their needs and mix
business etiquette with customer's emotional motivators

Learning Outcomes :

• Differentiate between ethics, manners and etiquette
• Identify the significance of etiquette and manners in business
• Develop right professional image
• Apply proper communication etiquette
• Demonstrate appropriate personal and professional conduct
• Identify how to represent the Corporate Branding
• Demonstrate appropriate professional conduct with premium level clients
• Develop the understanding of the Psychology of Premium Customers and
dealing with them based on this
• Uncover hidden consumer’s needs 

Full Schedule

Dates : 21,22 April