Supply Chain Essential


Workshop Overview

• Supply chain management and logistics encompasses all the activities
involved ingesting products to consumers including planning, storing, moving,
and accounting for inventory. Inventory availability is the most important
aspect of customer service, and the cost of inventory is one of the most
important entries on a company’s balance sheet. Learn to minimize inventory
through understanding your customer’s needs.
• High quality contract development and management tools are essential
activities in achieving improved levels of performance for all Procurement and
Supply Management practitioners
• This workshop is designed to increase the contracting preparation and
execution competencies of practitioners focusing on contractual terms, types,
and structure. Learn to drive cost savings and mitigate supplier risk through
contracting activities. This course is perfect for practitioners responsible for
acquisition of materials, labor, equipment and/or professional services.

The Learning Journey:

● Describe the objectives of supply chain management (stock control,
purchasing, stores and physical distribution) and explain how they relate to
each other
● Categorize stock items based on the classification models
● Calculate future demand for different stock items
● Apply the purchasing processes
● Identify best practices in warehouses to maintain accurate inventory records
● List the various transportation functions and costs