Crisis Management & Business Continuity


Workshop Overview

This workshop provides participants with concrete crisis management
solutions and strategies, while giving insight into the delivery of effective
Crisis Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence implementation
and stakeholder response
• For anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of Crisis
Management, and wants to be challenged by realistic scenarios, this is an
opportunity not to miss.


•Understand Crisis Management and its preferred framework for the private
and public sectors
•Understand escalation of incident to crisis to disaster
•Apply effective crisis management tools and techniques for when an
organization is under pressure
•Develop an effective stakeholder management plan for use in a crisis
•Identify measures that would improve their organizations' crisis management
•Explain the approach for establishing an operational Business Continuity
Management System (BCMS)
• Understand the components for an effective Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
that is able to meet strategic, tactical and operational requirements of an
•Develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Full Schedule

Dates :16,17 & 18 July