Managing Change


Workshop Overview

• In a fast-changing business environment, most people intuitively know
change is necessary for survival, however knowledge doesn’t always make
the process easy.
• Leading and managing change relies heavily on analyzing change situations
that participants bring to the workshop.
• Upon selecting top change issues, teams are formed, and start the process of
developing a change management strategy and implementation plan using
the knowledge and techniques explored throughout the workshop.

The Learning Journey:

 Apply their newly gained competence in anticipating change and in
dealing with it more effectively.
 Defend the link between leadership and change, and the models
available for management and change agents, and leverage this
relationship to properly plan for upcoming transformations.
 Implement ways to reduce or eliminate resistance to change and
transformation initiatives to achieve the desired goals.
 Plan and execute communication related to change in a way that
contributes to success.
 Explain the limitations imposed by existing corporate cultures and
describe ways to overcome them in a competent and professional

Full Schedule

Dates: 9,11,13,16 & 18 July