Professional Pitching Skills by ( SPS )


Workshop Overview

When you’re starting your own business, you’ll find yourself talking a lot. Whether you’re used to standing in front of a crowd or not the work you are about to put into your startup company will need to be backed up by a lot of talk.Finding investors, people to work with, attending startup events, and presenting new ideas and concepts are all critical actions in the life of a startup, and their rate of success is nearly entirely dependent on your communication abilities.

Startups Public Speaking program will help every entrepreneur to be able to talk in front of an audience in a casual, yet engaging manner, as well as successfully present their case in front of a board of Venture Capitals.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Generate your own personal brand that merge with your business brand, enhance your self-confidence and presence by integrating your values and your business values while presenting in front of investors or potential customers.
  • Adapt audience perspective enhancing critical thinking and creativity while drafting a captivated, informative, persuasive message in a logical structure.
  • Practice techniques to overcome time constraints to design, organize and deliver your speech and being on time.
  • Customize an impromptu elevator informal pitch to increase engagement and networking based on the event and audience.
  • Maximize the benefit of using the most adequate effective visual aids to your speech and audience.
  • Enhance handling Q&A session with special techniques for handling challenging questions calmly with confidence.
  • Practice self-calming techniques to handle fear and stage fright, mastering your body language and voice toolbox.

Full Schedule

Dates : 4,5 & 12 August 2023