Emotional intelligence


Workshop Overview

• Emotional Intelligence is a fast-growing concept that plays a huge role in
helping individuals understand and manage their emotions, as well as others’.
The applications of Emotional Intelligence range from organizational
situations to home life, parenting, relationships, and more. Participants on this
highly interactive workshop will be provided with actionable tips &
competencies for personal Emotional Intelligence development. They will also
be able to explore the importance of Emotional Intelligence as well as its
positive impact at the professional and social levels with an aim to increase
the effectiveness of their relationships at work and in life.

The Learning Joureny: 

• Identify the impact of emotions on personal behavior, as well as others’
• Define the Pillars of Emotional Intelligence
• Describe the Emotionally intelligent Person
• Use Emotions to improve Communication and leave a positive impact on
• Identify Emotional Triggers and work with them instead of denying them
• Manage Unlikable Emotions
• Demonstrate Agility in Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Full Schedule

Dates: 25 & 26 June