Competency Based Interview ( CBI )


Workshop Overview

• As we strive to attract the right talents with the competencies and motivation it takes to execute the company’s business strategy, your role is critical in doing the best practices for interviewing and selection, these include the question to ask and the answers to look for
and how this candidates will perform in the long term.
• This workshop is designed to enhance your existing knowledge and skills in talent interviewing and selection. The result will be consistent selection of candidates who have the competencies and motivation to help make a positive impact in your company.

The Learning Journey: 

•Use proven interviewing process to help you accurately select
candidates who are able and willing to perform the job
•Prepare for and conduct an interview, gather and evaluate candidate data
and make an effective hiring decision
•Use a technique- behavioral based interviewing to gather behavioral
examples of candidates past behaviors, experiences and achievements
•Use a set of interpersonal and process skills to meet candidates personal
needs, build rapport, gather complete data and keep the interview on track
•Evaluate the behavioral data you collect to determine effectiveness and
relevance to the target job
•Compare the data you collect with the data collected by other
interviewers to reach consensus on the best selection decision
•Design and organize a complete on-boarding program for new comers to
the organization

Full Schedule

Dates : 26 & 27 May