The Strategy of Decision Making


Workshop Overview

• Before deciding on a course of action, prudent managers evaluate the situation confronting them. Unfortunately, some managers are cautious to afault – taking costly steps to defend against unlikely outcomes. Others are overconfident – underestimating the range of potential outcomes. And still others are highly impressionable – allowing memorable events in the past to dictate their view of what might be possible now.
• In this practical workshop we will learn different strategies for making decisions covering 3 main parts, 1st it will take how you will prepare yourself before taking decision and then will move to equipping yourself with the right tools for decisions and finally how to take the decision in a confident way

The Learning Journey: 

• Know How can you overcome biases before taking decisions
• Learn to acknowledge and understand your emotions
• Know the Myths of decision makings to overcome it
• Apply the different strategies according to the decision nature
• Learn to differentiate between centralized and decentralized decisions
• Identify how to combine algorithms with Manager expertise
• Apply Decisions in actions and integrate it to your strategic plans

Full Schedule

Dates : 15 & 16 May