Building Bridges : Practical Communciation for realworld workplace


Workshop Overview


The key message of this workshop is to look at communication skills not as separate elements

of the communication system but as concrete tools needed to be developed for reaching

specific results in the workplace and for solving common communication challenges that

happen in most organizations e.g. presenting yourself professionally, maintaining good and

trustful relationships with others to reach common goals, delivering your thoughts and ideas

effectively, handling stressful situations with no harm and so.

To make the workshop as relevant as possible, we made sure to create scenarios and situations

that are similar to real-world workplace daily problems. This ensures that participants are not

only learning communication skills but can also develop and practice them in situations that

they are likely to encounter in their daily work right after the training.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Present yourself as a confident person through non-verbal communication
  • Define common communication challenges in any organization on any level
  • Apply active listening techniques to build rapport with others
  • Develop your self-awareness and apply empathy skills
  • Shape and pitch your ideas in an effective way
  • Know your communication style and manage communication with other ones
  • Increase confidence while presenting your thoughts
  • Give and Receive feedback in a professional way
  • Conduct and handle crucial conversations
  • Transform conflicts into productivity