Successful Planning , Organizing and Control


Workshop Overview

The primary challenge faced by organizations and managers today is to
creatively solve business problems. The principles of management have been
categorized into the four major functions of planning, organizing, leading, and
controlling popularly known as the P-O-L-C framework; Planning, Organizing,
Leading & Controlling.
The highly interactive workshop focuses closely at 3 elements of the P.O.L.C
Framework, which are; Planning, Organizing & Controlling. It provide a step by
step guide to plan for a project that gets results. It is designed to equip the
participants with the essential skills needed to fulfill their responsibilities in a
professional way. The concepts, methods and techniques presented include both
well established and latest thinking to provide the essential knowledge, skills,
and toolkit to ensure more successful outcomes.

The Learning Outcomes : 

• Apply a professional, systematic approach to planning and employing the
'SMART' criteria to objectives setting
• Produce realistic plans, determine the critical path, and manage risks
• Use environmental scanning, budgeting, and breakeven analysis as tools for
planning and forecasting
• Define planning tools & techniques such as 'Gantt' charts and 'Load' charts
• Recognize the importance of control, and of properly utilizing key
performance measures to keep work on track
• Mobilize resources, accurately monitor project performance, and maintain
control of the project
• Assess the impact of organizational change and manage people's resistance
to change 

Full Schedule

Dates : 01 & 02 June  2022