The Leadership Mastery


Workshop Overview

• The workshop addresses the perennial differences between management
and leadership. It aims at providing participants with an overview of how to be
a successful leader, You will get the opportunity to discover your hidden
talents and practice what you learn before going back to your workplace and
influence people, events and your own future as a Leader

Learning Outcomes : 

• Distinguish between management and leadership
• Identify their strengths and leadership styles through self-assessments
• Apply breakthrough leadership and communication techniques to drive
business value and become a more powerful leader
• Implement best practices for influencing peers, managers, subordinates,
customers and other stakeholders
• Explain how to effectively handle challenges such as delivering unpopular
news, increasing team motivation and winning hearts and minds
• Deliver powerful messages that lead to rapid action and that control
emotions when facing resistance and conflict
• Optimize internal communication and sell their organization’s vision,
mission and values to their team members


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Full Schedule

Date : 05,06,07 & 08 June 2022