Our training programs are designed based on Blended Learning Approach

Using that approach, we blend online learning tools like ebooks, online activities, and similar online-based resources and tools with face-to-face learning practices. That approach is also allowing your employees to enjoy the mix of receiving training content via classroom interaction and the online one. It’s up-to-date, attractive and proved to be top efficient.

A Clearly Planned Learning Journey

A clear and planned process = an ultimately beneficial blended learning approach.

This is what we believe in and act upon. Skills Bank team has developed a pre, during, and after planned process to ensure every deliverable is on track.

Using that learning approach, the success of Skills Bank’s whole training process has been guaranteed since 2016.

Let’s walk you through the process

1- PRE

The Process starts with the pre-training phase, during which our team conducts assessments for the trainees in the form of an online survey, placement test, focus group, mystery shopper, and other assessment tools to decide the most suitable training solution.

After customizing the final version of the training solution, the during-training phase starts.

2- During

All of Skills Bank's training journeys integrate experiential learning methodologies. That is why this phase is equipped with formative assessment, assignment, participant assessment, and many other tools that guarantee a better learning journey.

  • We largely apply group discussions, play roles, case studies formated in which the Instructor asks learners to share their thoughts & on-the-job experiences as tasks are taught.
  • All courses includes up to date activities to provide the learners with hands-on practice & application of the new content knowledge & skills.
  • Pre&Post knowledge assessments are on-going process. It’s not also applied before and after the training programs, it’s also applied during them to ensure that every trainee is compeletly processing what have been delivered so far.

3- Post

Last but not least comes our after-training phase, where we submit a detailed action plan to maintain trainees' development after the training program.

We also offer to follow up according to the topic we tackled after the training program. We apply that through:
  • Conducting refreshment sessions.
  • On-the-job Training.
  • Chatbots.
  • Action Plans.
After the training, you receive an integrative report that includes the full learning journey.

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