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Practical Training Programs

Practical Training Programs

The Skills Bank Learning Design team customizes all the training programs needed to level up every core competency your team members have in their skill banks. We cover technical, business, and soft skills for all career levels starting from juniors all the way to top executives, with every other career level in between.

Criteria we always consider

All the training programs are customized to your team needs and career levels. They are also tailored to your industry and business goals
Our training programs are also designed based on Blended Learning Approach
Using that approach, we blend online learning tools like e-books, online activities, and similar online-based resources and tools with face-to-face learning practices. That approach is also allowing your employees to enjoy the mix of receiving training content via classroom interaction and an online one. It’s up-to-date, attractive and proved to be top efficient.
Virtual Training

Virtual Training

Amongst the Coronavirus circumstances, we became highly aware of the urge of providing you with virtual training options. That’s why at Skills Bank, not only materials are customized, Training premises are customized too. You can choose to get trained at our head office, or your premises, and you can go virtually for remote training requests. All the remote training requests have a special LD design to be highly interactive, beneficial, and convenient for all your participants.

Criteria we always consider

A training host is always there before the training to provide orientation for participants on how to use the online platform
An assessment during the virtual training is always taking place to make sure participants are following up
All materials are tailored to fit the virtual training environment
Our virtual training is based on 100% interactive content. So
just like the classroom training programs
our trainees are helped to stay focused
and getting the learning experience they used to
Designing Learning Journeys for full tracks

Designing Learning Journeys for full tracks

We understand the huge effort, knowledge, and focus needed to create a long term training tracks. We spare you all of that through our professional, experience, and up-to date Learning Design department. They take it from there and start listing all of your needs in form of targets, and create the full training track accordingly.

Criteria we always consider

Pre and Post assessments
Track duration
Outlines and learning objectives for each program
Material Structional design
Prerequisites if there are any
Action plans for what’s after
Skills Assessments

Skills Assessments


Our assessment is based on a set of competencies developed by subject matter experts of the topic at hand. Every competency is clearly explained to make sure that the assessor, participant, and HR department representative are on the same page regarding the meaning of the given competency. Plus, every competency has a rating scale consisting of five levels, each with descriptors that determine the evidence needed to perform the assessment. These descriptors serve as a criterion upon which the participant's performance gets assessed

How Can Our Newly Developed Assessment Support Your Organization?

Skills Assessment is specifically designed to help your organization ensure equitable evaluation for every member based on scientific assessment methodologies. There will be no more inaccuracy in evaluation. By employing an objective approach to assess the participants’ area of expertise in a specific topic, this assessment eliminates biased evaluations for good!

how dose it work?

The Approach Of The Skills Assessments

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The final report resulting from our customized assessment lists the following


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- Points of strength and areas of improvement of every participant based on a test sent to the participant prior to the evaluation
- Guidance to the participants with regards to their areas of improvement.
After taking this assessment, every participant will be able to determine where to start in their self-development plan, and the organization will be able to accurately and objectively mark the exact training needs of its staff for future investments.