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What’s Different ?

What's Different?

At Skills Bank, we know that urgent need of getting trained on a specific topic as soon as possible! You face that challenge you need to conquer or got a skill you need to acquire for a certain opportunity ahead, and you can't afford to wait for your organization to arrange a related workshop.

2 What's Different?

You don’t need to wait for your entity to arrange in-house training programs anymore. Now you can end the wait and register individually right away!

3 What's Different?

That’s why we support you with our monthly public workshops calendar. Every December of each year, Skills Bank team launches the whole year public calendar with all the topics you might need throughout the year. All you need is to check your availability, register your spot, and be there on time!

Up-to-date Topics Based on Market Needs

Each year, we apply market research on the top needed skills for calibers to excel in their career in that year in specific. Accordingly, we customize and launch a public calendar every year with a wide range of diversified and up-to-date topics in business skills, soft skills, Microsoft office skills, and all the other required areas. While our LD experts tackle each program in the calendar, they put in mind that one aim; to fuel you with the bundle of skills that can make that year the career level-up milestone year in your career journey!

100% Original, Practical, and Efficient

Having our in-house LD team of experts, we have 100% control over the information delivered in each workshop and the way trainers facilitate it. Our workshops aren't depending on trainers' material. It's the other way around. Using our long years of experience in delivering corporate training programs, we originally customize materials that reflect corporate needs in the calibers they want to hire or promote! That way, our training materials fuel you with to-the-point and market-based skills, and you end up having what it takes to confidently move forward.

Reach your trainer anytime!

There are so many reasons why you prefer an interactive learning experience, where you can have a real talk with your trainer, whether offline or online. Taking it from there and going the extra mile, we facilitate the option of reaching out to your trainer one month! Now, your learning relationship with the trainer does not end by the end of the workshop. It’s a long-lasting one under the supervision of the Skills Bank team.

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Very reliable company and very much professional.

Thank you skills bank for your professional online courses ! And for

sending me the certificate without even paying for shipping.

Your course was great

The instructor was patient, explaining everything very well.

The best training and coaching provider.

Good luck SB Team.

Thanks for the Training you are so

professional trainers.

They are so organized, so professional and

helpful in every way.