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Accountability Is For Real

Responding on the spot to your requests, proposing effective...

Responding on the spot to your requests, proposing effective solutions to any obstacle you face, getting approvals quickly, always following up, and keeping you posted with any update you need; this is how our team translates “accountability” into real daily actions.

Every time you deal with us, there is always an experienced account manager who is specially hired to quickly and effectively assist you through every step. You can count on them 100% as they are empowered to make decisions, take actions, and are closely mentored by the Skills Bank management team. They are resourceful, accountable, well-trained, and experienced enough to make the training and overall process easier for you.


The Only Rule Is “Make Things Happen!”

Clients’ requests are not subjected to rigid procedures because...

Clients’ requests are not subjected to rigid procedures because the only rule here is to make things happen for you!

The Skills Bank system is designed with a big room for flexibility to smoothly fulfill clients’ various requests. The team is also open to change and caters to special requests, and they’re well-trained to work everything around to fit your needs without compromising quality or consistency.


“They Always Keep Us Posted”

Thanks to our comprehensive reporting systems, this is one of the...

Thanks to our comprehensive reporting systems, this is one of the most common testimonials we always receive. You can skip attending the training, and you will still know everything that happened pre and during the training and what should be done after.

Our team has developed a report that has a summary of the training, daily attendance, and audience reactions and attitude day-by-day. It also provides a detailed review of each trainee’s engagement level during training, pre and post-assessment, and development recommendations to facilitate steps moving forward.


A Communication Plan Spares You A LOT

Our team is not only accountable and supportive with reports and...

Our team is not only accountable and supportive with reports and facilitating quick assistance, but they also do most of the job for you! You don’t need to follow up or update your trainees anymore. Just give us the attendance sheet with their contacts, and we take it from there.

Our team developed a communication plan that guides attendees from start to finish. It starts with an invitation to the training, a second reminder for the training dates, and what they need to prepare before attending. We also provide an open communication channel where we walk each trainee through the full journey of the training and keep in touch if they need to inquire about anything related to the training. If it’s virtual training, we make sure that every trainee knows how to use the learning platform and test it if needed. This way, we spare you the hassle of coordination; you watch, and we act.


In-House Learning Design Department

A trusted training program is a result of a credible, experienced,...

A trusted training program is a result of a credible, experienced, and qualified Learning Design department. At Skills Bank, we do not leave a chance for any piece of information that is outdated, inexact, or subjective.

Our training program designs rely on hands-on experience that is backed by science. The only source for all of our programs and materials is right from our Learning Design department. The content is fresh, interactive, original, customized, and exclusive, with trusted resources and intensive professional frameworks.


A1 Trainers With Wide Exposure

The trainer selection process at Skills Bank is based on an intensive...

The trainer selection process at Skills Bank is based on an intensive filtration process. First of all, the selection of trainers is always dependent on trainees’ fields and career levels. Then come our prerequisites.

Trainers must adhere to the upscaling standards of our clientele. They must also have solid experience in delivering corporate training, with a minimum of 5 proven years of hands-on experience in the given topic since we train based on real-time experiences rather than the usual standard information. Not to mention, being technology-oriented with the cleverness of perfectly utilizing it for a better learning experience is a must. Most importantly, selected trainers must have international exposure that allows them to tackle any topic in an inclusive, objective, and open-minded approach. Currently, our team of trainers encompasses 250 qualified and experienced matter experts who ticked the box for each prerequisite on our list.


Corporate Testimonial.

Such a great & creative approach to make sure the learning is 100% absorbed!

Ayat Yehia Learning & Capability Supervisor at Vodafone

We would like to thank you for providing us with an
outstanding training experience for our team. The
training exceeded our expectations, and the instructor
was very knowledgeable and informative.

We sincerely appreciate your professionalism and how
you handled the things that popped up at the last

Reem Fathy L&D at Fine Hygienic Holding

I would like to take a moment to thank you and all skills bank team and Ahmed El Shiaty for your great effort to deliver the Super Trainer workshop for GS Egypt employees. I believe this workshop was very helpful providing a successful start for our internal academy project. So far I have been receiving such a positive feedback from all our employees about it.

Aliaa El Sherif HR Director at Groupe SEB

It was my Pleasure to contact with you as Skills Bank to cooperate together to implement communication Skills and Stress Management in our company premises

The training content and activities were matched perfectly with our needs , the trainers were well selected and the coordination from the first phone call to the end of the training was excellent .

Because Doha Khaled is very professional to do everything on time and with high quality as per our requirements so “Big Thank You” to her

“Special Thank You” for You, Mr. Mohamed El Baz to select and retain the professionals in your team like Doha Khaled and the other hidden soldieries.

Finally, Skills Bank …. From Success to greater one ..

Mina Soliman OD Section Head

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