Our E-learning Solutions

Our E-learning Solutions

Custom Learning

We specialise in developing custom e-learning content based on modern instructional design and visual design principles to create an impactful learning experience. Our instructional and visual designers use interactive elements such as animations, stories, scenarios, gamification, themes, learning content, and interactions to keep learners engaged and involved. Learners are stimulated to explore and learn. Multi-device approach: As we use HTML5 tools for custom eLearning content development, training is easily accessible across a host of devices, from PCs to iPads. Assessment activities are designed to test the knowledge and decision-making skills of the learners. Learners are acknowledged through rewards with personalized feedback.

Mobile Learning

Smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of the workplace today. The advent of these devices has necessitated a paradigm shift in learning development and deployment, taking advantage of the new technologies available. Ideal for short learning nuggets, mobile learning (or M-Learning) can be leveraged to reinforce other forms of training or as a handy reference for information when required. Develop HTML5-based custom and rapid mobile content for mobile devices. Migration of existing Adobe Flash-based courses to HTML5. Micro-modules with bite-sized content.


We aim to create immersive game-based learning experiences to engage learners and enhance their performance and productivity. We combine gamified elements with instructional design and bring real-world context to learning so that your learners can practice in a safe environment. Our gamification solutions support all kinds of training, ranging from induction to compliance. The whole content is presented with a gamification strategy aligned with learning objectives. As learners progress through the module, they unlock the rewards or levels.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is ideal when part of the training requires physical interaction and other parts can be done via the eLearning approach as per the learner’s schedule. We consider the blended learning models and strategies that are most appropriate and effective for learners. This approach helps reinforce the content effectively. Interactive eLearning modules Webinars Coaching Instructor, participant guides, and presentation App-based tools Instructor-led videos E-Learning Bites

LMS Solutions

We provide an integrated online learning management system software that allows businesses, individuals, and educators and trainers to create, manage, and market their online training courses at their convenience. Our intuitive learning platform uses a carefully crafted and adaptable approach, making it a more customisable, reliable, secure, and easy-to-use LMS system to meet your unique learning needs. Tracking and reporting: with the reporting functionality, you can generate: summarised reports, user logs, course status, and more. E-learning industry standards Our LMS supports eLearning accessibility standards such as AICC, SCORM, or XAPI.

E-Learning Solutions

Our E-learning Solutions

Real Videos

“Real instructor-led videos” are a type of e-learning solution that are produced and directed to suite direct communication with the learner. It could be a lecture, case study, or interview.

Animation Videos

Animation Videos are a type of e-learning solutions that offer the knowledge of various concepts with the help of illustrated and animation tools. Using animation for e-learning content simplifies abstract or complex information, grabs the attention of learners, and boosts retention.

Interactive Lesson

Interactive learning content plays an important role in the success of an eLearning course. It boosts your learners' engagement, providing your learners with the ability to make various decisions without having to worry about taking real-life risks, and creating curiosity among learners through the learning journey.