Manpower Planning


Workshop Overview


• Manpower planning is one the most important HR processes and is necessarily linked to every other function in HR management. Yet, in spite of its importance, it is often implemented haphazardly due to organizational and market complexities. In addition to surveying the drivers for manpower planning and its key performance indicators, this workshop presents and elaborates on an operational model for forecasting demand and supply of employees and demonstrates how resulting gaps can be bridged with a variety of controllable staffing initiatives.

The Learning Journey 

• Define manpower planning within the context of human resources management
• Explain how HR planning is related to the overall strategic plan of the organization
• Identify the economic concepts of demand and supply and how they apply to the labor market
• Apply forecasting tools to the demand and supply of different types of human resources, both in terms of quantity and quality
• Recognize the relationship of HR planning to the staffing process
• Describe why an understanding of the external labor market is important in manpower planning
• Formulate staffing strategies to fill labor gaps whether shortages or surpluses